World-Leading Technology and Nurse Patient Engagement Center
Combining Caring with Commercial Patient Support Program Excellence

Serva Health offers one of the only patient engagement centers geared specifically to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and staffed 100% by experienced, registered nurses. Our virtual model enables the flexibility, technology, and compliance capabilities to support the most complex programs, including those requiring clinical assessments, virtual injection training, or coordination with HCPs or payers.


High Performance Supported by Built-for-Purpose Technology

ServaCore™ is a suite of omnichannel technologies, including an integrated patient and HCP-facing CRM, cloud-based telephony platform, per diem and field nurse scheduling system, and real-time business intelligence reporting platform, providing an exceptional range of solutions options. These solutions are designed specifically for enhanced relationship-based patient experiences leading to improved outcomes.

Relationship-Focused Nurses Drive Better Patient Outcomes

Our registered nurse staff is US-based with bachelor’s degrees, and a passion for patients who need help navigating their journey. Serva Health attends to every detail of the patient’s journey from awareness to access to education to adherence, resulting in better patient experiences and outcomes. We deliver faster and higher quality patient engagement to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, while significantly reducing the burden on patients.


Innovative Hiring Ensures Rapid Targeted Deployment of Qualified Nurses

Registered nurses with certain disease or functional experience can be specifically recruited for your program. Or nurses with more generalized backgrounds are available as well. In addition, due to our proprietary recruitment, training, and onboarding technology that can process several hundred resumes per week, we are equipped for rapid ramp-up for specialized or “rescue” projects. Also because of this flexible deployment model, we support both small and very large projects with equal ease. US-based healthcare professionals with bilingual language skills are also available or can be recruited quickly to your program’s specific requirements.

Patient Engagement Center
for Pharma Commercialization Programs


ServaCore™ Technology Platform: An Access and Patient Support “CRM” Reimagined

ServaCore™ is a cloud-based enterprise-level CRM platform designed specifically for maximizing the patient experience and outcomes, by enabling a 360-degree patient view all at the nurse’s fingertips.

ServaCore™ features seamless integration with communication tools (call center, email, fax, SMS, video, co-browse, etc.), customizable ‘no-code’ data fields configuration, optimized UI / UX for streamlined workflows, alerts, and manual or automated triggered communications.

Its innovative architecture allows for flexible, rapid third-party integration with HUBS, SPs, agencies, 3rd-party CRMs, etc. ServaCore™ has passed every audit by the most exacting pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

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