Nurses Who Care
Make All the Difference

Our nurses love meaningful work so that they can positively impact patients’ lives. And when nurses love their work, participants, as well as your commercial support program, benefit.


Discover the Serva Health Standard
for Industry Leading Nurses

Professional Engagement

Our nurses introduce themselves as nurses so that the caller knows they are engaged with a healthcare professional from the initial contact. Each registered nurse is licensed, has a bachelor’s degree and at least 3 years clinical experience. Qualifications, experience, and a passion for patients matter.


We enhance the “relationship” factor in connecting with patients by typically assigning one nurse to each patient for the duration of the engagement. Our call center technology supports the option for a patient’s call to route to their nurse or a nurse with whom they have previously spoken. Relationships matter.


Recruiting nurses for telephonic patient support services requires thoughtfulness. Serva Health’s unique and innovative recruitment screening, onboarding, and training process ensure they have a passion for working with patients in a virtual model. A passion for patients matters.


Scaling rapidly, up or down, is vital for the changing biopharmaceutical and specialty pharmacy environments. Serva Health understands this and is built for flexibility. Agility and flexibility matter.

Commercialization Expertise

At Serva Health, we make sure all staff undergo training and understand the importance of compliance, guardrails, and data security, to expertly comply with the unique requirements of pharma commercialization programs. Safety and compliance matters.

Did you know?

“The 79% of U.S. adults who now say nurses have ‘very high’ or ‘high’ honesty and ethical standards is far more than any of the other 17 professions rated.”

Gallup 1/10/2023

Our Experienced Serva Health
Nurses Deeply Care


Our nurses are full-time Serva Health employees, enhancing their dedication to patients.


Our nurses pronounce medical terms and medications correctly, adding credibility and accuracy to interactions.

Enable More

We experience lower turnover as our nurses love helping patients.


Our nurses have an ingrained awareness of the importance of SOP, regulatory compliance, and the clinical study process.

Faster Start Up

Enable more thorough and rapid training from beginning to end.


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