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We are your partner in developing and executing patient-first, high-touch, data driven, technology-enabled patient recruitment and retention programs for traditional studies, complex studies, rare disease studies and everything in between.

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Solutions Experience

If you have ever worked with a technology development or consulting company, you know all the usual pain points: long timelines, high cost, elusive support, missing the mark. Serva Health Clinical is built to eliminate all of these pain points and to be your technology support and consulting partner throughout your program development journey.

GCP Nurse Call Center

Operations Experience

Although Serva Health can provide you with industry-specific, nurse-staffed call center solutions, we can also help you optimize your own. Our available services range from call monitoring for compliance, to supervision oversight, to mystery calling, to technology and call center platform advice and counsel. We know how to make your virtual or brick and mortar call center operation successful.

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Privacy and Data Security Experience

When it comes to compliance, privacy and data security in the clinical research, GCP and biopharmaceutical space, we are here to help. Program design, SOPs, monitoring programs, GCP & 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, vulnerability and penetration testing, communication modality compliance, nurse guardrails, script development, risk assessment and much more. We can help.

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As you develop your patient recruitment, patient retention, site support and concierge patient support programs, always know that we are happy to support you with our experience and capabilities. And, as our clients know, we welcome partnerships. If there is a service provider that is better suited for what you need, our technology is built to enable easy integration between various platforms. We understand the patient's clinical research journey and we can help you design your program in such a way that achieves outcomes and generates the data you need to proactively make improvements to do even better.

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Your partner in developing and executing high-touch, data driven, technology-enabled patient recruitment and retention programs. With over 25 years of experience in Technology Management, including 15 specifically within Compliance and Risk Management, Ken has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the FDA-regulated life sciences and biopharmaceutical industries.

Ken King

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